Brew Kombucha



Ingredients: organic rooibos tea, organic black tea, organic cane sugar,spring water.

Brew Kombucha doesn't just produce a product that people dig. We make it sustainably so you can make a difference by buying it.

We're pioneering a new way of thinking around convenience and health. Brew Kombucha is for people who care about keeping healthy and looking after nature too.

We not only minimize the impact our existence has on the natural environment, but also actively contribute to change. We try to eliminate plastic from our production line and reuse our glass bottles, plus we make the best kombucha with organic, quality ingredients. Nice hey?
Clearly we're putting only the best stuff in, but what are we getting out? We had some food scientists test whats going on in a bottle of Brew Kombucha.

It's not just us who think it's the good stuff! Brew Kombucha has an incredibly high Vitamin B12 content, the vitamin that gives you natural energy. Not just any kombucha can claim that!

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