Klapperbos Farm Real Chilli Sauce



Per 250ml glass bottle.

Our chilli sauces is 50% chilli by volume. This is why we call it “Real Chilli Sauce“. You will see from the brilliant scarlet colour, that this is the real chilli sauce you have been looking for. Our ingredients include chills, vinegar, apple and only 15% cane sugar. NO corn starch, syrup or other preservatives are added. Like good wine, Real Chilli Sauce improves in the bottle. That is why we let it stand for at least 6 weeks before bringing it to you.
Our chillies are medium strength with a great tangy flavour that combines well with cheese, eggs, salads, or just about anything. It keeps very well without refrigeration after opening. Fifty percent chillies is the gold standard. Anything less than that and it’s not Real Chilli Sauce.



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