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Baobab fruit powder forms naturally inside the hard-shelled fruit of the African Baobab tree. The powder is pale in colour and has a unique tangy taste described as “caramel pear with subtle tones of grapefruit”. Baobab fruit is exceptionally rich in antioxidants & essential minerals and has been used medicinally by traditional cultures for centuries.

Baobab Tree
What makes Baobab fruit such an amazing Superfood?

Dietary fibre
Baobab contains higher levels of dietary fibre than other fruits including apples, peaches, apricots and bananas. Pectin is the main source of fibre in baobab, and has been reported to have a role in reduction of total and LDL cholesterol, and enhances the prebiotic bacteria in the large intestine.

Baobab contains higher levels of calcium than milk, and is far more absorbable and digestible.

Baobab fruit powder has more than double the antioxidants of pomegranates and cranberries, and more than three times more than blueberries. A major antioxidant present is Vitamin C, up to 10x more than in Oranges.

Baobab is also a significant source of Iron, Potassium and Magnesium, all important alkalizing minerals to promote correct body pH.


Our Baobab fruit is wild harvested by collecting from the trees or from the ground. It is also ethically & sustainably produced – our producers not only pay harvesters a fair price for their baobab but also return a share of their sales income to the villages to fund community projects.

The free flowing creamy white powder, melts in the mouth when eaten and has a unique pleasant flavour with a mild unique tangy taste. Use it in Smoothies and drinks or as a thickener in desserts or sauces.

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