About 8 years ago Martin Raubenheimer looked into the meat industry in South Africa and realized that he could no longer enjoy eating meat without knowing where it came from. He cares about food security, good health and the welfare of the animals raised for this purpose, and that’s how Cure Micro Butchery was born.

Not being a butcher or knowing any local farmers, it was difficult for him to source really good “clean” meat but he did the whole 9 yards and many more kilometers and today he only gets whole pigs, beef, lamb and chicken direct from local small farms where he has personally checked on the farmer’s ethical animal husbandry.

These farmers deserve to be treated fairly and this means that their meat comes at a premium and Cure can’t pick and choose which cuts it takes. In any event it’s important for everyone to realize that the whole animal deserves to be appreciated equally and nothing should go wasted. So he encourages customers to eat less but only really good meat; not to only go for the prime cuts but to be a little inventive with mince and stewing meat and bangers. “A little really tasty bacon goes a long way”, and “Slow roasts can feed the masses and are wonderful all year round, “is how he sees it.

Cure sells an assortment of both fresh and aged cuts of meat, they hand-make the best dry cured, cold smoked bacon, eisbeins and ribs, to name a few. Their batches of gluten, sugar, dairy and water free burgers, bangers & sausages are made fresh every week.

Their philosophy is simple that they sell the best free range meat or they sell nothing at all.